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개인사정으로 참여하지못한 함찬이형, 공식적으로 말하지못해 미안해요 오늘 너무 고마웠습니다  역시란 말밖에는. baby

Himchan hyung who couldnt attend due to personal reasons, sorry for not officially making a statement. I am so thankful for today thats all I can say. baby

trans. cr; jisu @ baptrans ; take out with full credit

our leo wants to be called cute too


I bet Jongup smiles in his sleep.

Jongup always smiles & that melts all our stress away - HC  @ MeradioSG


im still counting on one last wave of puberty to come really late and make me hot


if i died and someone played fiction by beast at my funeral id probably come back to life right in time to sing along to the first verse


otp: *stands next to each other*

me: holy shit

Happy virus

Searching B.A.P on Google.

Whether you like N or not, you… have to like N